We join in the national Macmillan coffee day with staff, patients and guest pianist! This podcast is light on medicine but heavy on fun - put on the kettle, make yourself a brew and join in the day. And remember: it's still not too late to make a donation.

Very brief advert for Macmillan coffee time on 30th September. Short and sweet!

How to easily access repeat prescriptions. Dr Langton explains how to get batch prescriptions, online prescriptions and use electronic prescribing.

7. Relaunch! Sept 2016

Relaunching the podcast after 3 years, simpler, shorter, more accessible - hopefully! Brief welcome back and intro to coming episodes.

November HCA healthcare assistant Monks Park flu waiting room

5. September

Introducing Dr Martha Gutierrez. Also surgery news, flu clinics, records uploading and staff news.

4. July Update

Lots on surgery appointments, flu clinics, Twitter, website and general chit chat!

Andy chats with Dr Martin Jones, clinical chairman of the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Gives a simple guide to how the new NHS is planned to work in Bristol and shares his vision for the future.

2nd episode with David and Andy featuring our latest newsletter. Welcome, stats, using A&E, appointment times and booking on the internet, Twitter and mobile apps. Phew, a busy 15 minutes!

At last, our first real podcast! Dr Langton and David Fulker, practice manager, share who we are and where are, some news about our recent NHS survey, appointments and suggestions for the future. Hopefully a good start!


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